Futureproof your leadership skills to ensure success in an ever-changing workplace environment

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Leaders of today require a new array of capabilities in order to be truly successful. With leadership and the workplace changing dramatically and organisations placing increased demands on their leaders, it is essential that today’s leaders evolve to a whole new level.
Leaders who thrive and lead through change, continually learn and move forward, self manage effectively, seek out new challenges and inspire and bring out the best in others will be in a much stronger position than their peers.
In this highly acclaimed one-day workshop, we take a holistic approach to addressing leadership in order to help future proof you and ensure your leadership success.

New World Leadership Workshop Leader

Sarah Young

Leadership and Executive Coach

Vision Insight

Having experienced first-hand, the two extremes of workplace culture and leadership, Sarah is dedicated to helping organisations develop their leaders and institute a results-driven yet people-focused culture.
Drawing on more than 15 years of experience in dealing with top-level leaders, Sarah has devised executive and team leadership coaching and workshop programs that incorporate how to effectively lead, motivate and inspire others. Her areas of expertise include coaching leaders in developing a Growth Mindset. Sarah works to strengthen her client’s emotional intelligence, leadership attitude and self-leadership, which includes work/life integration and stress management.
She also coaches executive teams on developing a goal oriented, relationship management focused and customer-centric approach. Sarah works with clients to develop high performance and agile teams with a future focus and her personal passion is to help grow a healthy and robust culture incorporating diversity and inclusion.

Why Attend New World Leadership Workshop

  • Develop your personal emotional intelligence (EI) and gain the ability to lead others with it, placing yourself in a strong position for successful leadership

  • Learn about and start to cultivate a ‘Growth Mindset’ - The progressive mindset that is fast becoming the culture and approach of universities and forward thinking organisations worldwide

  • Learn to be an inclusive and authentic leader which will assist you in building a fair and value driven culture, as well as bring out the full potential of your team

  • Create a sound stress management plan for challenging times and find your ideal work-life integration to protect you from the feeling of ‘continual-change anxiety’

Who Should Attend New World Leadership Workshop

Whether you are a board director, CEO, senior or middle manager, entrepreneur or young emerging leader, the New World Leadership Workshop is a valuable source of information, insights, and networking opportunities for you.
  • Directors, GMs, Executives and Managers across all industries

  • Project managers, Principals and Team Leaders

  • Human Resources and Workforce Planning

  • Leadership Program Managers

  • Diversity and Inclusion Managers

  • Established, emerging and aspiring leaders

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New World Leadership Workshop Venue

This conference will be held in a hotel in Canberra CBD. 
Venue will be confirmed 4 weeks before the event date.